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UKMessy was founded on the principle that everyone, regardless of their nationality or ethnic background, should have a fun and safe environment in which to play online games together.

We started as a Counter Strike Source clan back in 2002, with only 3 male friends from Nottingham, England. Within a year or so, we grew into a multi national, gaming clan with guys and girls from all over the world. Our ages range from 16 to the full on grey beards. The games we play are mostly bought through Steam or Origin. Over the years we've played many different games and hosted many different servers such as Black Ops, l4D2, TF2, Killing Floor & Garry's Mod and Dota 2, but these games tend to be hit n miss and keeping a busy active server is not easy. However with Counter Strike, this is not the case. We currently have 1 Counter Strike GO Server. for more info about our server, click on the CS link above. We also have a Ark Survival Evolved server. click on the Ark link above for more info. Although Some of our Members still play some of the older games like: GTA V, World of Tanks, Snooker nation, Golf with Friends and Tom Clancys The Divison 1. We also play alot of the more recent games such as Valheim, Valorant, Among us, The Division 2 and World War Z. Click on the link above to see the full list of what we have played or are currently playing. We are a friendly bunch who do not moan about how others play their game, for example, camping is allowed on our servers, as some of the newer players will camp from time to time. All of our Members wear the UKMessy Tag, so if you need any help whilst on our server, just ask.

Around 2010, we added a Junior section with ages starting from 13 to 15. These are our little Guns. Players are reminded that if they see any of our Juniors on our Servers, they should watch their language. Our Junior Members wear UKMessy [Jnrs] tag.

We have a Clan and Community Discord Voice Server, in which you are welcome to join. Our usual rules apply: Be Friendly to other users, No Racist Names or Comments, No Advertising other Gaming Clans, Servers or Gaming Group Sites. Any questions? Ask an Admin. Any problems? Blame Chris (you know which one). Our Discord invite link:

If you're a regular on our servers, it's likely that you'll be invited to join our Community Steam Group. This way you'll be up to date with all of our news and any announcements that are made. Alternatively please feel free to add yourself. (See below for more info about our Steam groups)

Our overall Rules

UKMessy is a multi gaming clan. We have always had strict rules about members being part of another clan, This is not aloud. Any member seen removing the clan tag or wearing any other Clan Tag, No matter what game it is, will be told to leave. Before asking to join UKMessy you should read the rules.

Our recruitment process

You should have a working mic and be a regular on our Servers / Discord. invite link You should take the time to get to know us. First, we will need to know a little bit about you, nothing too personal, just the basics. your name, age, gaming name, games you play, did a member recommend us? If so, who?. Tell us about any other clans you have been part of in the past. After you've made your application, please do not keep asking about when you can start your Trial, as this will not speed things up, it is more likely to annoy the Admins. There is no fixed time period for the recruitment process, so if you really want to join UKMessy you won't mind waiting. You can E-Mail your application to



If you have any Feedback, Good or Bad, regarding our clan, the members or our servers, please E-Mail

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